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Rio Grande Mission Center — Community of Christ

We proclaim esus Christ and Promote Communitie of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace.

Our Abundant Blessings

(an Evangelist's witness)

I have taken a trip down memory lane

over the last few days and it began with a

physical journey by car to northeastern

Oklahoma. We came to be present at a niece’s wedding and were thrilled to be there. It was a beautiful ceremony and we enjoyed time with John’s mother, his four sisters and husbands as well as the other nieces and nephews who were able to attend. Relationships were strengthened

by spending time together over meals and

visiting. In addition to sharing with this side of our family, we were able to have time

with other very special people in our our lives that live in the area- my Aunt Madaleen, my Uncle Vern, longtime friends Woody and Jody Wilson and my sister.

As I reflect over the time spent with each, I am overwhelmed by the impact and

influence that each one has had in my life. Each one in their own way has brought much

love, beauty and encouragement into my life. I have been shaped, molded, challenged by

their examples of faith and steadfastness to being witnesses of how God has come to them.

They've shared their struggles and their joys. I've watched how they have dealt with life

issues and have learned much.

So while I was thinking of all this, I realized that these wonderful individuals whose

life paths crossed mine are just a drop in my "bucket", there are so many more. Too many

to name here and yet I know their names. My bucket is full!!

Can you think of those in your life, both past and present that God has placed in your

lives, briefly or for a long time that because of them you are blessed /not the same? I would

encourage you to reflect on those individuals and what was it that made that relationship

special. Write their name down- and the qualities they showed you. Honor those gifts by

recognizing how God was in those moments. Hold them close and give thanks to the

Creator. "Now in this moment, Now in this day, God is creating and leading the way. Life is

behind us, life is before. We write the story not heard before."

Listen to each other, share the story, and share your faith. Work with God to make a

difference in lives and the world.

Blessings for the journey

Your Sister in Christ

Evangelist Melina Williams