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Rio Grande Mission Center — Community of Christ

We proclaim esus Christ and Promote Communitie of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace.

From the Mission Center President, John Williams

Hello everyone,

I haven’t written in a while, so thought I’d give a little bit of update. Right after our Mission Center Conference in November, Melina and I traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where I had two different procedures: one was radiation treatment to kill a prostate cancer metastasis on my rib, and the other was to put stents in my ureters which were getting clogged by scar tissue which had formed as a result of radiation treatments to my prostate 12 years ago. The ureter stents were expected to last 3 months before replacement, but I got very sick in December and found out it was because my stents had become clogged and as a result my kidneys were failing. In January I had another surgery in Albuquerque to replace the stents. It took several weeks for my kidneys to recover and for me to feel up to traveling again.

I am feeling stronger now and am very grateful for all your prayers for me. On March 3-4, Melina and I traveled to Portales and Clovis where we taught pre-baptismal classes for Jordynn and Zion Williams (grandchildren of Billy Don Price and children of his daughter Exie) and enjoyed sharing Communion worship service with the Clovis group.

We were also able to attend a World Church Funding Council Meeting at the Temple in Independence, MO on March 10-11.

We look forward to sharing in Reunion with you June 30-July 4. We are trying something different this year with a shortened “4 day reunion” which starts on a Saturday and ends on Wednesday. Melina and I will be directing Reunion and our Guest Minister will be Moana Faana who assists Apostle Linda Booth in the Southern US Mission Field. We hope you all will come join us at Reunion!

One other special invitation to you is to join us at the Juan Tabo congregation in Albuquerque on June 10 where Presiding Bishop and Member of the First Presidency Stassi Kramm will be preaching. There will be a potluck lunch after church and a “question and answer” session with Stassi.

May you be blessed with the Peace of Christ.

John Williams, President

Rio Grande Mission Center